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SPAM: a tasty treat often served as breakfast or even a dinner and made by the Hormel Corporation .

Spam: The scourge of the internet and email clients the world over. It can contain spam or a scam, a virus, trojan, or other malicious software or offers to steal everything from a person's ID to their first born children. A serious wast of time and effort to anyone who receives it regardless of their status or standing in a society. It exists because lazy idiots make money from it and simply press a button whereupon a computer system boils out millions of spams at a time. This author has fought spam for two decades, even before it left the government's hands and was given to the public as an informationspreading service.

What's the best way to manage spam I receive?
   It's called JHD (Just Hit Delete) to get rid of it. NEVER respond to ANY spam, nor click ANY link in a spam for any reason whatsoever.  As soon as a spammer figures out that the address is not only in existence, but someone responds to the spam, your email address increases in value and new, more expensive and accurate lists are created that draws more money than just a list of names.

OR, as I and the group of spamfighters I belong to do, fight it!

Rather than regurgitate the millions of words on the subject here I will provide the visitor with plenty of reading material and information on spam and spammers.

How Spam Works  HowStuffWorks

computer.howstuff works .com/internet/basics/spam .htm

Spam mail is an incredible nuisance to most Internet users. Learn how spammers send trillions of spam emails a year and why spam is a problem.

How Spam Works  Spam Laws spamworks .html

How Spam Works. The most unfortunate feature of spam is that it is so easy to do. This  is the reason that you receive hundreds, if not thousands, of junk...

How do spammers harvest email addresses ?  Raz, Uri

A different technique used by spammers is to request a mailing lists server to give him the list of all  mailing lists it carries (an option implemented by some mailing list  servers for the convenience of legitimate users), and then send the spam to the mailing list's address, leaving the server to do the hard work ...

Why Spam Works  Business Insider spamworks 20138

Business Insider

Aug 10, 2013  But they're intercepted by spam filters, or else easily identified and deleted. ... His work abounds in genuinely detestable figures, such as Davis┬ ...

The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words  Hubspot SPAMT...

HubSpot, Inc.

Jan 11, 2012  One of easiest ways to avoid SPAM filters is by carefully choosing the words you use in your email's subject line. Trigger words are known to..

How Spam Works, from End to End | News ... spamworksfromendtoe ...

Communications of the ACM

May 23, 2011  "Click Trajectories: EndtoEnd Analysis of the Spam Value Chain" is a scholarly research paper reporting on a welldesigned study of the way┬ ...

When Gmail's Filters Aren't Enough: How to Tackle Spam on ... gmail sfiltersarentenoughhowtotack...


Jun 18, 2013  If you're really lucky, not a ton of spam makes its way into your inbox. Email providers have never been better at blocking it and filtering it to your┬ ...

That's a lot of reading, probably more than anyone will ever make it through, BUT those are reliable sources and other than a few cookies won't harm your system as of this writing. You can find something similar to your own situation if you look at several of those links. Hopefully it is easily more than you need to get going on learning about spam and how to fight it if you wish. There are spam laws in some states and countries but the only sure way to stop a spammer is to either put him in jail or hit him in the pocket book. It's true that if you knock out a spammer, he will just reappear from another source but his methods and types of spams/scams will be the same. For a lot of reasons it's possible to spot these guys when they reappear or have other bases they work from. Kill a spammer once and it's no big deal; he just goes to another ISP and starts up there all over again. But force them to do this over and over and it begins to eat into profits. It costs money to keep getting more accounts and a couple weeks later having it shut down again, ad infinitum.
   Once you have them on the run, their end of life is in site: That's what I and my little group do in conjunction with anyone else who wishes to join in.

More to come  Learn HOW to fight spam!

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