It used to be that spam was simply unasked for, unexpected, unwanted advertising.  These days however spams also include everything from Nigerian 419 frauds to Identity theft to phishing and extortion, even taking over your computer and/or holding all your data for ransom, known as Ransomware attacks, and much more.  There are even some that can infect your computer with viruses just by having read them, which is why JHD works the best for protecting yourself from spam.  Spam fighting is NOT for the faint of heart, but if you think you are a capable user, you can learn to fight spam! 

While spam almost always contains a scam of one sort or another, the user must be careful to adhere to the aforementioned rules on spam!  They'll serve you well and help to keep your Inbox more free of both spam and scams.  NEVER buy or give any kind of money or personal information to any unexpected e-mail you may receive because 99% of the time they are out to get your money and never deliver on their promises.  I report scam emails the same as I do any spam (UCE or UBE).  No matter who it appears the spam came from, never pay any attention to unexpected offers of anything anytime. 

These things come in all kinds of forms:

You've won a lottery, or are the millionth customer, or can get a free gift for having done whatever and more are ALL scams.  Legitimate companies will NEVER contact you unexepectedly with anything like this by e-mail; it's simply never done.  E-myail is simply too unreliable, too insecure, too easy to fake, that you never want to rely on an e-mail notification.
   Same goes for anyone asking you to verify or update you account by sending them details in an email. Or worse yet, to send money via Western Union or any other method.  You'll lose your money and never have any idea who to. 

If you DO get fooled, and lose your money or passed on any personal information about you at all, report it to  They have special pages for reporting this type of criminal activity and easy to use forms for doing the reporting.  The website is there for you to use, and is informative to the average user in ways you might never expect.

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