Many people don't give proper attention to the use of and names used for e-mail accounts
.  Here are a few good tips and recommendations for anyone wanting to get into spam-fighting or plain old best practices for e-mail account names / addresses. It DOES make a difference in how you formulate your e-mail address.

Making up an e-mail address:

If you want to fight spam:

  • You need a flexible email account that you can abandon, change, delete or create a new account.
    • WHY?  Because one of the things a spam-fighter needs to do is protect his own useful accounts, along with having flexible accounts.  Should a spammer identify an email account as belonging to YOU, you could easily find yourself mail-bombed, or with so much spam that the account becomes unusable because you cannot find the legitimate emails among the many spams it contains. 
    •    Even if you don't end up mail-bombed, it's still easy to get your email address listed in spammer's lists, which are then SOLD to other spammers via e-mails, CDs and DVD's. .
      • These "lists" are of two general types:
      • 1.  Unverified e-mail addresses and
        • An unverified address is just that.  All that is known about it, is that it exists and is a functional address.
      • 2.  Verified e-mail addresses.  These are more expensive lists because the spams have been verified to have been READ by their targets.  If you have ever clicked on anything in a spam, regardless of how mundane it looks, you have VERIFIED that someone at your e-mail address opens and reads spams: These make such lists even more useful and likely to contain people that might succumb to the spams whether they be advertisements from companies you've done business with before, or are known to be reputable, and others such as Phishing, ID Theft, Selling you anything under the sun but never delivering on them, and much, much more.
    • The above reasons and a lot more are why one should NEVER click on ANY LINK or even read, any spam.  For some spam, even reading it or displaying it for more than a second can trigget its payload.
  • Further consequences of opening and reading spams is the fact that they can also contain payloads such as Viruses, Trojans, worms and the like, which covertly install a wide range of spyware and keylogging and ID Theft data which is then called home for the spammers to use at will. 



Actually, choosing your e-mail address is easy if you just remember a few details. 

Since spams typically go out to millions of customrers at a time, you can imagine some of the things they'll try.  It's free to send emails so it costs the spammers nothing, especially if they have other computers of regular users helping them quite unknowingly.  Rogue ISPs will allow that many emails and there are thousands, possibilty millions of them in existence around the world.  They'll use ANY method that legitimate ISPs suggest for their users, including simply adding numbers AFTER the text part of an email address.  So say, you want to use twayne@something.tld but the ISP suggests putting a number at the end in order to prevent what's called "dictionary attacks".  So you might use  wayne999, or wayne29, wayne 1000009, or whatever.  It's trivial to spam you in such a case. So the spammer writes a list of email addresses starting with wayne1, wayne2, wayne 1000, etc. up to as high as he thinks is worth the effort.  Spammers are using very hight speed FIOS networks and very fast computers, so they can send a million emails in only a few hours.  Or more if they have the right ISP supporters.  So they might do that with wayne, them with tom, then  with mary, and on and on for as many as they can send between now and their next planned spam ru n.  So overnight they send several millions spams at no cost to anyone.  One of them gets to you: You read it.  Now you'll get a LOT more email because an invisible tag in the email was sent back to the spammer.  Out of, say it's only a million spams, only one person responcs and spends $19 for a product they'll never receive and Bingo!  They've made a profit on that run!  


OK, details now:

Control of your e-mail address in case of spammer discovery

We need to be able to add, modify, delete e-mail Addresses in the event a spammer gets wise and I end up with SO much spam the mailbox becomes unusable:

    In my case, I have a personal website at a company who also allows me to have as many e-mail addresses as I wish.  I have all my regular email accounts here, and also have my spam reporting email acccount there.  I have six accounts total and they are all pretty much free of spam.  ANY spam I get is duly reported  according to the spamcop.net rules and always includes the FTC database for spam at spam@uce.gov .

    If I have a problem with my reporting account I simply delete it and create a new one.  That's the most convenient way to do this.  Most good ISPs these days will allow you control of a limited number or email addresses and it's a handy way of having all the capabilities you may need.

    If you aren't running your own website, there are places where you can have a free account, and that's ideal too as long as they allow control or you email address.

    Beyond that, places like Hotmail, gmail (Google mail), and many other websites offer perfectly useful email address controls.  Try a Google Seach  for "free email" and/or "free websites" and see what turns up.  I'll be happy to answer questions if you seem to hit a dead end. 


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