This is a short "HOW TO" for fighting spam,  Fighting spam takes self-control and knowledge of what you are doing, so if you would like to begin fighting spam, here's a sort of a starter course for you.  So if you've decided you've had enough of JHD (Just Hit Delete) and would like to fight back for your Inbox this is a way to get started. 

  • What you'll need:
    • An understanding that you will NOT stop spam overnight, and a determination to hit spammers where it will hurt them: In the Pocket Book and Wallets!  It is the ONLY way to stop them orher than direct action by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission at Personally I have been a spamfighter for nearly 20 years so it's second nature for me and quick to do thanks to my experience.
    • An e-mrail address that is NOT important to you!  Preferably one which you can delete, modify or create new e-mail addresses on.  Hotmail, Yahoo, and hundreds of other sources are available to you.  Personally I have an account at Spamcop,net for this purpose.
    • Know how to parse an e-mail and pull meaningful information from its headers.  This can take some time and experience to get right, but practice makes perfect!  More on this to come.
    • A Reporting mechanism. In my case I currently use Spamcop.NET to initially parse and prepare reports on spammers, although you can do so manually or with several other good sites available. Note the Capitalized NET in the URL for spamcop: That's because there is also a spamcop.COM which is a completely different, and useless, website for spam reporting and killing.
      • has several advantages over other sites, but I am open to suggestions if anyone has any.  It will auto-parse spams for you and make suggestions as to whom whould receive the reports.  You choose which of the suggestions to use by ticking or clearing ticks.  It also allows you to copy others on the spam complaint, as in,, an FTC collection point for spams that is made available to police agencies who use the database to choose the worst of the worst and fine and/or jail the perpetrators. 
    • "Killing a spammer" in spam fighter lingo actually means depleting his profits to the point where he no longer has any reason to continue to spam. 
  • When I have the time I will try to add more details and specifics to actually fight spam successfully. 


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