Last Updated: Monday, February 6, 2017

       These are the Policies of this website. By accessing any page on this website, you are bound by all current Policies and regulations in force at the time of your visit. Please note that ignorance of any part of these policies is not a reason allowing violations of any kind. That said, it is not hard to adhere to any of these policies: In general it takes an intentional violation in order to violate these policies, actually.

    Policies may change at any time. If a Policy does changem it should be noted on the What's New page to alert visitors to additions, deletions or changes to these policies.

       Violators may be met with various actions due to their policy variations. These may range between several possible methodologies, all using publicly available information. This means that we do collect certain information when violations are discovered. It is all done using information that anyone else on the 'net has access to such as IP, ISP, servers, MS mail routers, and so on. Such information is collected whenever any violation of any policy is discovered.

    If you are most people however, you will never have any issue with any of these policies. You almost have to intentionally try to violate these policies.


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By Viewing any page on this website you are bound by all Policies  and Regulations in effect at the time of your visit. Ignorance of the Policies is not an excuse for violating them.