Last Updated: Monday, February 6, 2017

"Service" in this case is defined as the providing ot the information of this website to all visitors.

Your Terms of Service are as follows:

  1. Treat this website as requested and required by Obeying all Policies and Regulations in effect at the time of your visit.
    • In order to make this a reasonable requirement, note that the What's New Page will indicate any pollicy changes and notices made for the site.  So a quick check on the What's New page will show returning visitors whether any changes have been made since their last visit.
    • Also note that ignorance of any policy or regulation is not a reason to claim an "accidental" violation of the rules. It is the visitor's responsibility to know and abide by all Policies for this website
    • NOTE also that most people will by nature and habit will never run afoul of most of these Policies; they are common sense and exist for no other purpose than the protectino and Security .of this site's structure, its owners and visitors ali
    • OUR GOAL is satisfied and happy visitors. Twaynesdomain will do its best to protect visitors and ourselves from spamming. scamming, stalking,and  profanities to name a few. We will react quickly to all such activity, whether detected automaticallly or from any valid contact or complaint.
    • All such decisions about what to do is the responsibility of website management and all decisions are final
    • Policy decisions for policy violation/s may range from a strong warning to an email address, an IP, a whole IP range, or all of an offenders routes to our site may be permanently blocked. No covert or confidential sources will be used to accomplish this; everything needed is in the public domain and easily tapped if they know where to look.
         Specific methods will not be discussed or further identified.
  •   Our goal is satisfied and happpy visitors. To that end,  you must do nothing to interfere with that. will do  its best to prevent spamming, scamming, stalking, profanity,  pornographic material or any sort of attack or negative action toward  any person here.

  As Webmaster of this site I make all decisions regarding allegations of any kind and we reserve the right to refuse service to  anyone for any reason at any time. All decisions will be final but one  attempt to recoup your rights may be afforded a violator. After that the matter will be closed and records sent to archives for later use if  necessary.

. We reserve the right to refuse website access to anyone at any time for any reason and without recourse for the relevant party  whether they have violated any official policy or not. We also reserve  the right to forbid access to an email account, ISP or in particular  anonymizers or proxies that will not allow verification of your presence there.

  None of this should bother  any honest, thinking person who wishes to enjoy this website: These  rules are inclusive but not hard to follow. Most people will not have to give them a second though, but ... if you're a miscreant or violate any Policy you will have your access terminated.

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By Viewing any page on this website you are bound by all Policies  and Regulations in effect at the time of your visit. Ignorance of the Policies is not an excuse for violating them.