Last Updated: Monday, February 6, 2017

Our spam policy is simple: DO NOT DO IT!

Spamming  scamming, stalking, or  otherwise making any unwanted contact with anyone who uses this site  will not be tolerated in any way! Your email address, your server, or  even your entire ISP configuration may be blocked from accessing this  website.

   There is a zero tolerance to any of the aforementioned or related activity on this website. We  reserve the right to refuse access to anyone at any time for any reason. Any Warez address for example is banned. Not allowing the reading of  your publicly available IP address is reason for forbidding access.  Other forbidden areas include but are not limited to, any known spammer  friendly websites, a proxy that prevents same, or anonymizers and the  like.
    In addition we will participate in any legal request for  information relating to anyone with a valid reason to be located. For  miscreants and criminals and site policybreakers it is a simple  procedures to obtain a subpoena of your online location including  street address, phone number and the specific computer name the activity came from. If it becomes necessary we can and will use such procedures  to keep this site secure. No exceptions and all decisions are final.

Misuse of the website will not be tolerated;

Further, we reserve the right to refuse email from any  ISP anywhere and website management has the final word. This is because emails from Warez and any other spammy/scamm/covertly operating y websites is already blocked from entering our website. If your ISP should find itself on a block list, you may well find us unreachable. 
   It's highly doubtful however, that the average person is ever going to have such a problem. So don't let it worry you if you're a basically honest person; you'll have no problems.

But as I said earlier, most  people won't do these things and so will never run into any  problems. Those people will find us to be quite friendly and supportive.


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