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The table above should give a fair idea of the AUP reqirements without making it so long and detailed you need to be a lawyer to tell what it says. Treat the site as a family site and act sensibly and you won't get caught up in any of these.

N O T E :  For ALL email contacts, we have to insist on a real email address. This is necessary because any information we consider for posting anywhere in this site must be "Confirmed". That means we will send an email to the address you use and you must return it to us by using the Reply feature of your mail client.
   Further, we reserve the right to refuse email from any  ISP anywhere and website management has the final word. This is because emails from Warez and any other spammy/scamm/covertly operating y websites is already blocked from entering our website. If your ISP should find itself on a block list, you may well find us unreachable. 
   It's highly doubtful however, that the average person is ever going to have such a problem. So don't let it worry you if you're a basically honest person; you'll have no problems. 

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