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 Pages consist of Help for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10 among other things.

    These pages will cover the three Microsoft Operating Systems still in use today and which have a life of their own.  Windows XP and 7 are two versions Microsoft wants to kill off and leave them with only one Operating System for all of its customers.  Unfortunately, they did such a great job with XP and version 7, that they are hanging on for many users who refuse to give them up simply because Microsoft did those users a great favor by bringing those two OS's all the way to being a reliable, stable and well functioning set of OS's,  I am one such user and like many others, don't see any need to be upgrading to and suffering through the new and steep learning curves of an OS that does everything I want or need.  Microsoft killed their own cattle by being so myopic.Microsoft DID succeed in trashing, via updates and other changes, the operational value of Windows 98!  But the backlash was nearly a death knell for them, and they haven't done that again.  YET!  Updates for XP and Win 7 are turned OFF on those computers now, and they are well backed up to unconnected external drives, so that MS cannot do anything to them.  I even have other backups on DVD's to back up the backups.  You see, all Microsoft does when it no longer "supports" an OS, is not update it. 

I look at each and every update that arrives to see what's in it before I install it.  And my backups are always handy should I make a mistake and deleting the update won't work, which is part of their strategy.  I also look carefully for NEW installations that should not be part of an update and refuse them unless they are actually useful programs, which they seldom are. 

    Apparently they learned their lessons at Microsoft (and so did users) from Windows 98 which also had evolved into a perfectly find operating system which was reliable, fully functional, and feature laden.  In my arsenal I still have one XP, one Win7, and four more computers using Windows 10. 
   Yes, windows 10, because it actually is a useful upgrade and was absolutely free.  But I used 7 while I learned 10, and thus had no rush to learn 10.  And, I do admit that 10 is a good upgrade, but ... for the regular users without technical know-how, it is NOT a necessary upgrade.  Besides, Win 7 if it's completely updated is very close to being Win 10 in reality.  MS must figure that this track will bring users over to 10 but IMO It simply provides them with what might have been missing in 7.  If the Microsoft Win 10 had ANY competition at all, I would leave MS so fast it'd make one's head spin.
   In fact, I have succeeded in divesting myself from ALL OTHER Microsoft products and no longer use anything but the OS from MS.  MS Office has been replaced by, a fully functional replacement for MS Office and which has surpassed it in accuracy and efficiently and handles many more file formats.  It has millions of users today and it's a free, donation based, Open Source program.  I have even gotten rid of my MS Subscriptions and easily replaced them with cheaper, usually free, Open sourse versions that accomplish all the work I need. 

There are rumors now that MS wants to nullify the free version of Windows 10 that was free for a whole year, and make users pay to continue to use it.  It's being fought tooth and nail and it would seem that MS is listening.  If you've been keeping track, you'll also note that MS is now REMOVING some of the apps that have been in Win 10 since the beginning.  That's OK so far; most of it's junk and spyware anyway, and I haeve no idea yet where that's going to go.  We'll see, I guess.  Thus, I have not spent any money at all at since Windows 7 so many years ago.  Not one single penny, and I'm proud of it.


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