Something everyone should have is a Clean, Clear, Useful and Uncluttered Desktop so it has the best usefulness it can.

  The desktop should NEVER be used for permanent storage of anything but PROGRAMS or a few other important, often-used programs  or files. NOTHING ELSE should be kept on the Desktop with a really good reason.  To accomplish this is easy:


NEVER keep downloaded files on the Desktop.  Instead, create a "Downloads" folder and download ALL downloaded files to that folder.  That way you can have only the Downloads folder on your desktop if you really want it there, but better yet, you'll know where EVERY download file is located! 

   To create a folder on the Desktop, right-click, choose New, and then Folder and click OK. Give the folder a name (Downloads) and EVERY time you download a file, put it in that folder for easy reference later should you need it. 

    Browsers, like Mozilla's FireFox will automatically create and place your downloade folders in its own folder called "Downloads" for you.  OR, if you wish, you can turn that off and have it put downloads wherever you wish them to go, but keeping them all in one place makes them a lot easier to find later on should reinstalls, etc. be needed.


That clears out one cause of Desktop clutter for many people.  Now, let's ake on another type of clutter such as programs:


    Let's say you have three programs, named irfanview, Paint, PaintShop, and DrawIt.  That's 4 icon shortcutss on the desktop. Why don''t we turn that into ust one icon on the Desktop?  To do so, :

Right your mouse on ANY blank area of your Desktop

    Choose View

    Untick "AutoArrange Icons"

    And if you want to move icons closer to each other, repeat the right click above and this time untick " "Align icons to grid".



Right click your mouse on ANY blank area of your Desktop.

   Choose New

   Choose Folder

   Name the new folder "Graphics" or whatever else is useful to you.  After creating the folder, now drag the four icons mentioned above into that folder.

   And done!  Now all 4 program shortcuts are accessible in that one folder.

CONTINUE this process for all cases where you have two or more programs that can fit into the named folders you come up with.  I have folders for example, for AUDIO, COMMS, INTERNET,  DICTIONARIES, EDITORS, GRAPHICS AND SEVERAL OTHERS. I find useful.  Try it, you'll like it !

   You should now be on your way to a cleaner, more efficient and more useful Desktop now.  You can use your own ingenuity to come up with other things that'll add more clarity and efficiency to your desktop. 


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