Last Updated:  Monday, February 13, 2017

Windows version 7 was a "mistake" as far as Microsoft is concerned. It was not only liked by most users but is actually preferred by users who discovered Windows 10 just wan't for them for a variety of reasons. A very large portion of its users are still using it today, especially in light of the Airplane Mode issues that plague Windows 10 even today.  Plus there are a large number of users that also backed up to Windows 7 to get rid of the Airplane Mode fiasco, which Microsoft knows all about but even today refuses to admit it is a legitimate bug in Windows 10.  And that large base of users is giving Microsoft fits because it wants only ONE version of windows to exist. 

Even after Windows 7 has passed the "end of support" date which is coming up soon, this will continue to be a fully functional Operating System.  The only recommendation I have for those wanting to run Windows 7 after Microsoft if finished with it, is that you collect and save to a safe  place ALL of the Updates that are required for it. NOW is the time to begin downloading all of the Updates needed from the Microsoft website.

Just as happened with XP, another fully functional and completely updated OS S, a bunch of websites will pop up to take the placce of storing all the KB Updates and Service Packs for Windows 7. 
     The wise surfer however will do reputation checks and spam-checks, Etc. on those sites BEFORE trusting them to download their data from. Those will also appear, just as they did for XP. 

Microsoft's update Operating Systems (OS's) were:

Win 98; XP; Win 7; and Windows 10. 

    I haven't mentioned Windows 8 et al, because ti is a "throw away" version MS used to try to pacify users who were complaining profusely about their learning curves for EVERY new version of Windows and bugs Microsoft just refused to fix, like the Airplane Mode problems of Win 10!  Windows 10 is, in my opinion, the most massive spy-operating-system ever released, but if you try you can turb OFF most of the spies. 
   I can NOT over-emphasize the need for a reliable, off-computer stored set of BACkUPS for ANy OS once you have it working well.  Users should ALWAYS back up all of their personal data and files, including disk images, anyway; it's the best protection there is in these days of Ransomware.  If you get hit by ransomware, all you need to do is blow away everything on the computer, then repartition all drives, format, and reload from backups, hopefully stored on DVD or high density drives like BluRay.Boom! The ransomware is gone, and you're right back in business.  The cost of external drives has dropped significantly now and most anyone can afford a 3 Terabyte external drive or even 5 Terabytes.


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