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Windows 10: It's the most hated and most loved OS Microsoft has ever released. It has the largest learning curve of any of Microsoft's Operating Systems (OS's) many releases.  MS knows it still operates as a  monopoly and is getting away with it by haveing released products that will drive ther market to where MS wants it.  MS wants only ONE OS to be in all of our machines, regardless whether theya re a table, pad, phone, or any other processor driven device. They managed to pretty well destroy the market for Win98, XP and Win 7/8.  They even spent a full year giving away free upgrades to Windows 10 from Win 7/8, in order to make their first inroads. They haven't succeeded entirely though, even though now you have to pay  pay to get Windows 10 for your computer now.  There is even industry talk that one of their upcoming drives wil be to obsolete anything based on the free 10 version of Windows.  Thus, the millions of Windows 10 users will next have to pay for a license to keep using it.  We'll see hos that works out!

When Windows 10 was originally released:

  • There was no support included for access to any kind of Optical Drive; which turned out to be Microsoft's assault on CD's and DVD's in favor of putting  USB or other methods of storage in its place. MS failed miserably.  Bitches, complaints and bad press hit them right between the eyes!   They fought it for awhile, saying it was what it was, and people should learn to get with the times, in essence.  Then evetually they quitely and secretly slipped a basic, almost useless set of software for Optical Drives followed in another few months by actuall support.  From a user's viewpoint and due to MS lies when they said it was "cockpit error" and that it had been there all along!  The T-Rump thinks he's the king of lies and false news, but MS actually holds that title.
  • Despite all the Hype and false claims at release time, Windows 10 Security, Reliability and Protection was not one iota better than ANY of their previous releases going all the way back to Win 98 and probably windows 3.1.  ONLY the right third party Security and Protection programs can make ANY version of windows secure from intrusion, malware and other more serious problems with it still overflowing vat of bugs and problems. 
       I might also add that Windows Defender is one the WORST protectio/security programs ever produced by anyone!  Having used it since it was first released, it has NEVER found ANY problems!
  • The usual steep learning curve for this "new and fantastic" OS was worse than any I have ever seen anywhere in any program or OS or company. Their "rearrangement" of locations for features and functions was completely changed and many of them hidden in unintuitive places where one wouldn't initially think to look for them!  And when a user did find them, they were often the same exact ones as were present in Windows 7; nothing changed, or it was entirely changed, depending on the software author's whim of the moment.  Even the BackUp feature of Win 10 is blatantly labelled as Windows 7 Backup, meaning they didn't even have the inkling to rename it to something better.  And, basic as it was, it did work!  That was telling!
  •     There's a lot more to say, but I'll let it rest for now because this entire page has been intended to warn users to be very suspicious of downloading Win 10 from any but legitimate sources for it.  If you arean't careful, as in say downloading an ISO from some clown that doesn't know better could be THIS version of Windows. You will have one helluva time getting it to ever work well and will spend a LOT of time in doing so. 

BEWARE:  These are some of the reasons I hate Microsoft's OS so much.  Their shenanigans even extend to Microsoft Office Products, their Subscriptions, and many other areas.  They have a complete disregard of their users and only continue to exist to see the PC Market put completely out of business as almost all of their products are now NOT backwards compatible any longer.  They have given into a few areas, such as they added the capability of Office to be able to Open and Edit Open Source files, such as Open Office and LibreOffice, which are free to download and use, and have overpowered and outperformed Office and 360, etc., etc., and which is backwards compatible with ALL older versions of those programs.  So, the Open Document Foundation has taken on Microsoft and won the war with  LibreOffice now well outperforms Office in many areas and has more features and capabilities than MS now provides.  Being free, it's a no-brainer for companies and governments worldwide have made it their major Office replacement.



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OK, that was my diatribe on why I HATE Microsoft!  Now here's why I love it so much. 

I don't think my own experiences are a lot different from other users who have also settled on Windows 10 for their OS.  It's actually a great operating system and very useful if you use any of the many added capabilities and nullified its spying and calling home functions. The total lack of privacy for users of any version of Windows is really all they know. Their cause has nothing to do with their users except to suck money from them periodically.  Today, they're ready to abandon the PC market and become a "gadget" company and that is their true direction today. 
    Eventually they will be superseded by, I think, a vast Open Source success and there are already signs of that happening.  It is only Microsoft I hate for their extreme disregard of their customers, their effective monopoly of operating systems,  and their complete lack of consideration for their userbase that disturbs me so much.  They could do so much better than they do and be real heroes if they could simply humanize their orgranization and their culture.  Bill Gates, the originator of Microsoft OS's was well on his way to doing that but these days almost no one knows who he is or was.

    There are many reasons why I do love Windows 10, so to speak, however.  It got off to a lousy start and they were forced to react to the loud outcry from users.  The Optical Drive was eventually supported, backups became easier to do thouch confusingly labeled as Win 7 Backup, and many other useful events that made it now a fully functional Operatinc System (OS) again. It is faster and more efficient in general than its predecessors and worked a lot better on the Intel Core 5 and Core 7 processors, and works reasonably on non-Intel processors.They even added Open Document Foundation capability, enabing it to save and edit Open Document formats such as Calc, Writer and other formerly limited MS Office programs.   

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