The Internet: a very vague term for most people but actually an appropriate name at the same time. The basis of the word is "inter", describing the area it covers.  To understand better for the layman, consider the following definitions:

Intranet:  The sum of the computers in one "net", internal to itself.  A server or servers may for instance serve one to many computers on its "net".  Thus, Intranet refers to all those machines grouped together into one "net" of computers.  Usually each Intranet serves the purposes of one user or up to many companies all located together and sharing their information.  Each computer can see and access the other computers on this "net" but not any computers operating on a different "net", located elsewhere than where this one is.  I have an Intranet right here in my own office: It consists of a Server and 4 Client computers; clients to the server.  When computer 1 wants to talke to computer 4, say, the Server simply connects the two of them together.  But only those 5 computers can connect together on the Intranet.

Internet:  This is a network of computers all over the world which can communicate with all the other computers in the world using URL's (Uniform Recource Locators) and IP's (Internet addresses and Protocols).  As this is a subject of great depth, I'll keep it simple so even a simpleton like me can understand it.  MUCH more information is required to fully or even partially understand the complete workings of the Internet.  Suffice it to say that the Servers on the Internet (say a company with a server) sits and waits for someone to ask for access. 
    When that request comes, the Serving computer looks at who it is and compares it to its list of allowed and disallowed connections.  If it's an allowed request, a handshake protocol will take place, and the calling computer can converse with the Serving computer for whatever information is being looked for. 
    IntRAnets, existing alone, can not be reached by a computer from the IntERnet, opposite COULD happen if the user wished to set it up that way.  But normally there will be NO communications between and IntRAnet computer and an IntERnet computer. 
   The IntERnet is known through other names too, all meaning the same thing: The Web, the Internet, the NET, etc., and their communications are through established protocols each connecting computer must share.

Good, Bad and the Ugly:

The Good Part of the Internet:

The Internet is the greatest source of information in the world for nearly any subject you are capable of thinking of.  It supports e-mail, forums, chat sessions, and about any method of communication you can think of too.  The sources of everything scientific, mathermatical, geographical, space programs, , seas, oceans, dictionaries of the world's languages, millions of mathematical formulae, learning aids, college and school courses, and on and on and on are on the internet. You use a Search Engine to find them and choose your favorite locations to go back to time and again. You can shop or sell or rent online, and so many other possibilities it would take a gigantic book to list them all.  That's why it's best for users to choose an online Search Engine to use for looking these things up.  For me, is still the best and most accurate Search Engine there is. 


The Bad Part of the Internet:   

The INTERNET can be a thief, crook, criminal organization, and more spammers and scammers that you ever thought existed.  They prey on the inexperienced, newbies, those in pain, those with financial problems, credit cards and about anything else you can think of.

The Ugly Part of the Internet:



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