The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

Last Updated: Friday, February 24, 2017

The Good Part of the Internet:

The Internet is the greatest source of information in the world for nearly any subject you are capable of thinking of.  It supports e-mail, forums, chat sessions, and about any method of communication you can think of too.  The sources of everything scientific, mathermatical, geographical, space programs, seas, oceans, dictionaries of the world's languages, millions of mathematical formulae, learning aids, college and school courses, and on and on and on are on the internet. You use a Search Engine to find them and choose your favorite locations to go back to time and again. You can shop or sell or rent online, and so many other possibilities it would take a gigantic book to list them all.  That's why it's best for users to choose an online Search Engine to use for looking these things up.  For me, is still the best and most accurate Search Engine there is.  In many cases the Internet is giving brick & mortar stores a real run for their money and in many cases severely damaging their sales records.  Find a thesaurus, anything needed for school, medical and healt assistance, education, entertainment, sales services, support, and more. 


The Bad Part of the Internet:   

The INTERNET also had a bad side of course, and those are the creeps, malcontents, psychoes, thieves, scams of hundreds to millions of dollars of theft, stalkers, sex traffickers, terrorists, and others in an extremely long list all reside on the internet an want to hear from you!  Check out more information on this and more in the pages titled for spams and scams, which also includes phishing, tricks that work for the scammers & perverts, and more.

  They prey on the inexperienced, newbies, those in pain, those with financial problems, people who should know better, and are about more crimes than anything else you can think of.  Threats and viruses related to all those activities arrive in e-mails, from chat rooms, and honest looking and sounding websites where they simply manage to ide ntify you and take over your computer. 

The good news is, there are several ways to avoid these things from affecting your and your online activity and it only takes a little experience and clear thinking to avoid it all.   

The Ugly Part of the Internet:

The Ugly part of the internet is when the Bad Part of the Internet manages to catch you and you or someone you know loses money, Identity and other things to the crooks and thieves.  Some have lost their entire life savings to these culprits while others have been driven to suicide over their losses, and to make it worse, it is often impossible to locate and punish the criminals simply because they have learned the inner workings of the Internet and know how to stay hidden. 
    Personally I am a long time member of fighting spams, crimes and all internet crime I can get my hands on.  It's easy in a way, because I have e-mail addresses that are meant to get those people to contact me with their garbage, or I work from the information from other people.  FTC,gov and each collect spam and scam emails from anyone willing to share the email Headers with them!  They create a database of that information they collect and make it available to all US police agencies to use as it benefits them. in their fight to remove the scum from their online connections.  BUT, know what you're doing first!  Learn how to not expose yourself to the criminals by reporting them and how to recognize spams and scams so that you never even need to open them.

The "Spam" link provides information on how to avoid and control the bad and the Ugly parts of the Internet and keep your use of it in the Good parts of the INTERNET.  The Internet IS truly a place of marvelous information and entertainment if you use the hints given on the URL link above.  The fist thing any NOVICE should do is educate themselves on these details before they jump online and start responding to the large number of emails and ads they will start receiving, along with viruses, malware and other dangerous things.  Highly recommended reading! 


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