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For the how and why the HCS website now exists here instead of its old location, see  DETAILS below. I think it will explain most questions people may have.  The current HCS website will go silent o or before October 3, 2015 when its server lease expires.

DETAILS:   The current HCS website will go silent on October 3, 2015. It will be moved to this site within the next few weeks and following that, the  website will continue to run in parallel with this  one. However, THIS is the website that will be updated; The HCS website  will be allowed to die a peaceful death.

    WHY?  Truthfully, to save money. Due to the Analytics indicating almost no visitors from  classmates, the fact that not one single person has made any contact  using the online forms for any purpose at all, and all but one  classmates refusing to share any pictures or memories from the 50th  reunion and more, there is not enough use of the site to keep paying for it. Technically the website has served its purpose.
      We wished not  to lose the data we did have though, so a little brainstorming resulted  in this move to my own personal website. (URL HERE). This way it basically becomes “free” to our classmates who have online  access and can live as long as my own personal website exists. Not many  changes will be happening unless classmates contact me or Tom Woodside  with material they would like to share with their classmates. It will  mostly be an informational set of pages for all to enjoy going forward.

    HOW?  Simply put, information from the HCS website will be transferred to  this website. Then those pages will be updated to be more current and  reflect the time period after the Reunion. Some pages may be retained  without changes while others will be dispensed with, such as information collection for the upcoming reunion that have become irrelevant and  other such pages.

    We would love to  hear from any classmate who may wish to make constructive suggestions or desire answers to questions they may have.

As always we would like to hear from any and all classmates so please keep in touch with us and with each other!  We all want to know!

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