Updated on: Tuesday, July 11, 2017



Drug Companies & their Ads

They advertise HEAVILY all day long, and especially at mealtimes and during news hours. If you use ANY of these highly advertised medications, remember that you are ALSO paying for that advertising of the medicines! 

Ever notice what those same ads say to be sure to tell your doctor?  ANY doctor who would not make a full explanation of the drug's benefits and side effects should be drummed out of business! 

Also listen closely to the side effects of those drugs, which often include leading to death or other serious consequences!  How the hell is that stuff getting past the FDA? Almost all of those drugs advertised sound more like last-ditch, nothing-to-lose efforts! 

President tRump and his cohorts

Oh my God, don't get me started!  Will they never take this slob of a man-child down?

Speeder who pass everything that moves

I can't tell you how many times these speedsters end up behind me at the intersections!  All that speed and what did they achieve?  Absolutely no time-savings.

People who pass on a solid yellow line

I keep hoping for one of them to go off the road and crash, but ... not yet.

People who think everyone's opinion has to match theirs

Most I've discovered are full blown narcissists.

Crime news that ends with "investigation in process

BUT, you never, EVER hear what the results of those investigations ARE!

People who read things like this and think it's silly

No one is MAKING them read it; So why are they doing so?






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