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Welcome to the Genealogical Lists based on the  Genealogy of Tom Rivet and Family. These are .PDF or  legacy .ZIP files, all down-loadable   As  previously mentioned these files are protected to hide  Personal Data of all Living people. The zipped files  in particular can unzip to files in excess of ten  times the size of the zip file; so manage them  accordingly. Backups are recommended.

This genealogy is a "living file" in that once it is  completed uploading to this site work will continue on  as more and more information is made available.  Currently over 200 corrections and additions are  awaiting checking and uploading.

 The following presentations are available for your use:

JacquesDescendents   Descendants of Jacques Rivest
   Jacques is the oldest proven and verified ancestor in  our genealogy, born around the year 1615. His line is  complete from his birth to the births of today's  youngest and most current names in our genealogy.
   His parents and grandparents are also  listed but are not fully verified to Jacques,and was  use as the beginning of our lineage.

   This is a list   of all the individuals in our genealogy with first and  last names if both are known, plus other familial data.

   This is a list of all Kin to Tom Rivet from the current toJacques

   This is a statistical list covering how many % of names, sex, and dates for the genealogy.

Surname Statistics
   This is a list of statistics covering the people in the genealogy based on Surnames only.

   A list of all married couples including marriage information

 Morek Lists are planned when this revision of the entire site has been completed. Stay tuned. .

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