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Interested in Genealogy?

Genealogy is an interesting and fascinating topic though it's not for everyone. For those who are interested and arean't afraid to do a bit of research however it's a very rewarding and fun hobby. We have worked on ours since 1988 and are still working on it. We have found relatives all the way back to the 1500's .

First, a definition:


noun: genealogy ; plural noun: genealogies
a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor.
"combing through the birth records and genealogies"


    lineage, line, line of descent, family tree, bloodline; pedigree, ancestry, extraction, heritage, parentage, birth, family, dynasty, house, stock, blood, roots

    "our genealogy has been difficult to determine"

    the study and tracing of lines of descent or development.
    a plant's or animal's line of evolutionary development from earlier forms.

    So, basically, creating your own genealogy is to trace the people in your lineage: Your children, you, your father, grandfather, grandfathers, his grandfather, each with siblings, children, spouses, all related dates, occupations, family stories and histories and much more.
       One should be a bit obsessive compulsive to  be a good Genealogist. Really!  A good genealogist is one who will spend a lot of time in research looking for their ancestors and information about them. At first it can seem like an insurmountable problem to just find birth dates, death dates, and places of birth and death. But once those are discovered, it sometimes becomes a lot faster going. There are hundreds of people and legitimate websites where you can seek  help.
      A "regular" genealogist will usually pretty easily get a start from family records, bibles, family papers and the like.
    A "good" geneaologist will be one who makes it backseveral  hundred years and ends up with a complete genealogy that ranges from himself back to the 1700's or earlier.
       It takes dedication and attention to detail. Many discoveries will look like you found someone who is an ancestor but there may be many, many others that seem to work, but when you look closely at all of the details, they aren't the right ones. But that's also where you find the right ones!  Beware places that want more than say $40 for their usage.

      There are even several Free websites too, with mounds nad mounds of information. In most cases you may end up spending about $10/year for membership in order to get the most out of the sites. I have visited all of these and use more than one of them myself. The best trick is to find a site that seems to work as you like to work and agrees with your idea of how the data should be handled.

    N O T E :   You also need to choose a Genealogy program. Most of them are free and all the good ones are easy to spot. Here are some links I have either visited and/or used and I know them to be reputable: 


    And many, many more. Personally I use Roots Magic from . In the past, I have also used LDS and Family Search as programs but there have been a lot of changes over the years and my current preference is Roots Magic.

A couple things to note about information in genealogies:

A "gedcom" is a crossplatform method of sending genealogy data to and from different places. Be sure you have genealogy compatability in the Genealogy program you use or at least a separate program to import and export them. Most genealogy programs these days include the genealogy compatability, but not all. It's important to have!

Personally I recommend keeping the Master Genealogy records on your own computer and well backed up, preferably to a DVD so you can keep several versions as you work on your genealogy over the months and years. 
   Many websites work hard to entice you to upload your gedcom to them, which can be good, but others insist on owning your data once you give it to them and will never delete it or allow you to update it easily. Be sure you don't give away ownership to your own genealogy to any such websites.

I could write a lot more but those are all the basics. If you wish, drop me a line and I'll respond the best I can to questions related to this page. I am not only a Genealogist, but I also assist people, most anyone, wherever I can . I will finess this page further in the future.

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