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A Gedcom file can be  rather large so for download, this file has been  zipped with a standard Legacy Zip that windows and all  regular zip programs should be able to unzip for  you.
 This file will unzip to  gedcom.ged. Save the file to a memorable location on  your drive. Then Import the file or portions of the  file into your genealogy program and make any  corrections necessary. Please notify us of any errors,  additions or deletions you think should be made to  this familt record by contactinug WebMaster AT

As is often the case,  living persons in this gedcom do not have private data  included for prevention of identity theft. Should you  find useful detalns in our lineage, or if you can  provide us with missing information, we would be very  happy to hear from and give you credit for your  donation here or on the genealogy site you use.
 We are also happy to assist others  where we can with their own quests and will normally  respond within two days, hopefully one.

 Our sincere thanks for your contribution/s.

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