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We call this section "Fun Stuff" because that's what it is: There is very little seriousness on these pages and it's a place to just enjoy a few little odds and ends from around the world or locally that might be "different" from what we expected. Some of it is contents are funny, a little obtuse perhaps, things you just normally come across and whatever else tickles our funny bones at least a little bit.

Very few of the entries here are my own, admittedly, some are from friends and acquaintances around the world, and some were sent to me for the purposes of these pages.

To keep these pages interesting we also invite you, our visitors, to make your own contributions for these pages. In keeping with our Policies, note that nothing illegal, unethical, racist, pornographic etc. is allowed and will be rejected out of hand without comment.

So, how about it: anyone want to see their contributions along with credits for your entry here for all the world to see? Thanks much to all who send us entries.

We need only your real email address so we may confirm the source of the entry is real; A short description of what the picture is about , the picture, and that's all we need!

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   It's highly doubtful however, that the average person is ever going to have such a problem. So don't let it worry you if you're a basically honest person; you'll have no problems.

   Thanks for your help!


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