Last Updated: Monday, February 6, 2017

Advertising: YUK!   Inane, insulting, unintelligent, untrue, and the bane  of every real shopper in most cases!  Well we in the US aren't  the only ones who feel that way!  Following are  some ads from around Europe,and the US and more. I  think you'll enjoy these or at least find them different enough to be interesting.  











Whether it's a Salami Pack with Mould or 4 Legged Chickens, some ads are keenly interesting in my opinion.  We would love to add to this page, so if you come across similar ads, it would be most appreciated if you sent them to us for use here.  We'll even give you full recognition for your contribution if you wish, or you nickname, or as much / little information as you would prefer. Do NOT send any entries that are copyrighted; we cannot use them.

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THANKS for you contributions ahead of time!



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