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Hmm, What's TwaynesDomain About? It's a personal website, regenerated in May of 2017 and first release was in 2000.

   Well, it's a rather eclectic site. And it is my own personal website, so I guess I'd  say  all decisions are mine as your Webmaster but I am not alone in that  others, even our visitors, can suggest about anything they want and as  long as it's not illegal, unethical, porn, profanity, spamming, stalking and so on, their contributions are quite likely to show up on the site  along with credit to the contributors.

    Think of it as a childsafe website for kids of all ages! We expect, nay, insist that all visitors abide by the spirit of all  policies and regulations for the site at all times.  If kids shouldn't  see it, then it probably doesn't  belong here, even though this is not a  childes website. Adherence to the policies is required and insisted upon. You will find them pretty straight  forward and mostly simple: behave or be gone! Thinking people should  never be surprised at any our policies: You would have to almost intentionally violate them to get caught doing anything wrong.

   We will not try to stuff your computer with cookies, LSO's or any kind of covert software or code, nor will we store anything on  our site about you unless you approve or ask for it. In most cases you  will have to use a real email address for purposes of confirmations and  other typical actions. .


   We have tried to have  something for everyone here and we hope to succeed. We also appreciate  comments, pro or con,about our endeavors here. Send your mail to

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